standard-title Company Chemical products and processes for environmental, technological and industrial applications.


Chemical products and processes for environmental, technological and industrial applications.

Company profile

PANCHEMIE was founded in 1978 by Dr. Julius Fülöp and, in addition to operating a soap refinery for the production of hand washing pastes, the company increasingly specialised in the development of modern chemical-technical products and processes. The focus was on products for fire damage restoration and surface technology. The company is based in Kerpen-Sindorf.

At the end of the 1980s, PreciPAN®, a revolutionary heavy metal precipitating agent for the detoxification and purification of industrial waste water was developed. Waste water containing heavy metals and technical emulsions from a wide range of industries have been successfully treated with PreciPAN® in more than 100 applications.

Patent and promotion by the Federal Environmental Foundation followed.
In 2001, PANCHEMIE was taken over by Dr. Gabor Fülöp. Through this second generation leadership the product range expanded continuously and significantly. The current portfolio includes products for the removal of oil traces and traffic area cleaning, products for building protection and surface technologies. In additon the company has developed production and application protocols, participated in contract manufacturing and the preparation of wastewater concepts to develop the means and processes for heavy metal precipitation in wastewater treatment, emulsion splitting and the detoxification of sites contaminated with chromium.

On January 1,2017, PANCHEMIE was split up into
• PANCHEMIE e. K., with the divisions: Traffic Surface Cleaning, Fire Damage Restoration, Facade Cleaning, Building Protection, Surface Technology and Contract Manufacturing.
• PANCHEMIE Dr. Gabor Fülöp GmbH, which focuses on the diverse applications of PreciPAN®: modern application laboratory, pilot plant as well as production and sales are available here.

PANCHEMIE now has 10 employees.

Inauguration and occupation of the new warehouse.

On 01.04.2019: Establishment of a joint venture with IEM Fördertechnik GmbH: PAN APPLIED CHEMISTRY GmbH in close cooperation with HG-Emission Control “Operators of incineration plants (waste incineration plants, coal-fired power plants..) are advised on compliance with mercury limits”.

Completion of the new modern PreciPAN® production line on 01.06.2019

In the field of mercury detoxification in the wet flue gas scrubbing of combustion plants (waste incineration, coal-fired power plants) with PRAVO®, there is an intensive cooperation of many years with Prof. Dr. Bernhard Vosteen from Vosteen Consulting GmbH.



PANCHEMIE Dr. Julius Fülöp produces hand washing paste in its own soap works. The company is based in


Development of cleaning chemistry for use in fire damage restoration for sprint Sanierung GmbH.


Relocation of PANCHEMIE to the industrial area in Kerpen-Sindorf.


1. use of PreciPAN® as a heavy metal precipitation agent: waste water after boiler cleaning MVA München-Nord, complete restoration of the tank maintenance plant Quadrat-Ichendorf.


Dr. Gabor Fülöp takes over PANCHEMIE: PANCHEMIE Dr. Gabor Fülöp e. K.

as of 2002

Development of the “chemistry kit” for use in oil trace removal and traffic surface cleaning.

as of 2006

Intensive cooperation with Vosteen Consulting: reduction of mercury emissions in flue gas scrubbing of combustion plants. PRAVO® is protected as a brand worldwide.

2008 – 2012

Development of the BIWACLEAN® process for fully automatic deoiling of bilge water on container ships. Type Approval was granted in 2010 by the ABS (American Bureau of Shipping).

2012 – 2014

GGVU-Seminar Lecture series: Surfactants in traffic area.

as of 2015

Cooperation with Remondis Aqua in the TetraPhos process.


Company division into PANCHEMIE e. K. and PANCHEMIE Dr. Gabor Fülöp GmbH.


Move into the new chemicals warehouse..


Joint Venture with IEM Fördertechnnik GmbH: PAN APPLIED CHEMISTRY GmbH


Commissioning of the new modern PreciPAN® production line